Hookah Pens – Best Electronic eLiquid Vaporizers

Hookah Pens Looking for a stylish, safe and economical way of fulfilling your vaping needs? Well, you will be happy to know that hookah pen has got you covered. Ranked as the best E-Cig brand for 4 consecutive years, it has a reputation of providing the best for its trusted clientele worldwide. The company takes much pride in its advanced V2 cigs starter kit. Unlike conventional E-cigs, this kit has been designed using one of the latest technologies to give it an edge over other competitors.

Hookah pen starter kit comes in a new redesigned packaging that will certainly impress even the most skeptic smoker. The kit comprises all you will ever need to achieve that ultimate vaping experience: V2 power-cig, cartridges, battery, USB charger, AC adapter, battery attachment, charging case, carry case and lanyard. Right from the time you open the box, you will certainly see why these cigs have become a favorite among many smokers worldwide. The cartridges feature an advanced threading mechanism that makes the cigs compatible with most brands.

The great aesthetics featured by the battery and cartridges does not in any way compromise their structural integrity. They are uniquely branded and solidly constructed to withstand daily use. Compared to other E-cigs, V2 cigs have the tendency of delivering thick, consistent vapors that last for long. And the best thing is that they allow you to select from multiple flavors: tobacco, mint, sweet and coffee. In case you use tobacco, you have the option of regulating its level from the included five settings: Zero, Light, Medium, Full and Strong. Assembling the pieces should not give you any trouble as they are designed to easily screw together.

V2 Cigs PROS

  • * Thick and consistent vapor
  • * Strong and sturdy design that resists breaking
  • * Lightweight, portable charging case
  • * Refillable Cartridges
  • * Multiple flavor options
  • * Customized nicotine levels
  • * Longer battery life
  • * Manual and automatic switch options

V2 Cigs CONS

  • * High up-front cost

Hookah Pens There are various benefits that you will derive from using V2 cigs starter kit. The fact that it incorporates refillable cartridges means that one kit can last you for a long time. Provided that the battery is of sound quality, a single cartridge can last the equivalent of a full pack of cigarettes.

This kit will also allow you to benefit from its customized flavors. Compared to conventional hookah pen, it offers a wider range of flavors that simulate various cigarette brands. The available flavors range from tobacco, mint, coffee to sweet. All flavors are in e-liquid form for easy refilling.

Apart from customizing flavors, you also have the option of regulating your nicotine intake. This feature makes it a healthier choice by minimizing the hazardous effect of tobacco on the lungs. The available nicotine levels include Zero, Light, Medium, Full and Strong. These have a measurement of 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg respectively.

V2 cigs are known for generating quality vapors. They allow you to benefit from a thick and satisfying vapor. The vapor tends to be consistent and last longer compared to those of other E-cigs. The good thing about V2 cigs vapor is that it is non-irritant. Therefore you won’t risk chocking up from the smoke.

Excellent battery life is something that you won’t miss with the V2 cigs starter kit. The battery is available in either manual or automatic for added convenience. On a single charge, it can last for 200 to 300 puffs. This is almost equivalent to a whole day of use.


To guarantee the superior quality of its products, V2 backs its starter kit with a lifetime warranty. The warranty is specifically meant to cover 5 replacements. However, this does not cover any defects arising from misuse of the product. Despite the fact that it does not cover consumable components, such as cartridges or e-liquids, this warranty is hard to beat especially when compared to those offered by other brands.


This kit offers you with 12 flavor options to choose from. It features both automatic and manual battery models. The batteries come in 3 different sizes: standard, short and long. The classic kit comprises the following:

  • * V2 Standard Kit
  • * V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit
  • * V2 Standard Plus Kit
  • * V2 Ultimate Kit
  • * VZ Power-Cig Kit

These kits provide you with more powerful batteries and rich flavor. The batteries have the capacity to last for more than 400 puffs on just a single charge. The batteries can be selected from 5 design options. The EX Starter Kit comprises of the following:

  • * V2 Standard Kit-EX Series
  • * V2 Standard Plus Kit-EX Series
  • * V2 Ultimate Kit-EX Series

A number of customers have actually purchased and used the V2 cigs Starter Kit. This is what some of them had to say:

“I have been using it for a few months now and everything works great so far. The vapor is excellent and they have a nice selection of juices to deliver ultimate flavor. The cig is pretty portable and comfortable to carry whenever I go. I also like the excellent battery life that lasts me the whole day on a single charge”.

“Thanks to this advanced V2 cigs, I have been smoke-free for nearly 4 months now. These cigs really help and V2 is my favorite brand so far. It has good taste, excellent battery life and satisfying vapor. It is the perfect alternative for conventional cigarettes”.

“V2 cigs Starter Kit is actually cheaper than the real thing. I switched from my traditional E-cigs and gave it a try. I was pretty much surprised. This is one brand that delivers what it promises. I have been using their starter kit for weeks now and I have got to say that it is the best one I’ve tried so far”.


Screen-Shot-2013-05-14-at-1.27.16-PMV2 cigs starter kit can be purchased on the company’s official website that gives an offer of 15-percent discount. The pricing for the various starter kits are as follows:

  • V2 Standard Kit $54.95
  • V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit $79.95
  • V2 Standard Plus Kit $99.95
  • V2 Ultimate Kit $149.95
  • VZ Power-Cig Kit $24.95
  • V2 Standard Kit-EX Series $79.95
  • V2 Standard Plus Kit-EX Series $129.95
  • V2 Ultimate Kit-EX Series $189.95

When ordering, just select the desired product and add it to cart. You also have the option of selecting multiple products if you want. Once you are done with the selection, choose your desired payment option and you will be good to go.